Episode 111

Free RPG Day Special


June 16th, 2018

1 hr 14 mins 37 secs

Season 1

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Episode 111: Free RPG Day Special

This special episode celebrates the fun had at Free RPG Day! The Curmudgeon, the Legend and the Favorite spent the day at Dicehead Comics and Games in Cleveland, Tennessee, where they played a ton of Dungeons & Dragons, got some great free shwag from some wonderful games and got to know a gaggle of local gamers in our community! Join Ryan, Carie and Jason as they get down in the trenches with Chad, Painter, Benito, Ian, Stacy, Marty, Scott and Dakota!

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  • Free RPG Day — The official home page of Free RPG Day, where you can find all the games that were free!
  • Dicehead Games and Comics — Dicehead is the awesome local gaming store that let us record in their shop on Free RPG Day! If you live near Cleveland, Tennessee, be sure to stop in and say, "Hi" to Shane, Chad and Mel!
  • Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook — The first book you need to begin your adventure!
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics from Goodman Games — These classic-style adventures are fun and fancy in a retro kind of way!
  • Kids on Bikes — The amazing new game about teenagers battling the mysterious and supernatural! It's all about kids... on bikes!
  • Magic the Gathering in D&D: Plane Shift Zendikar — Here's one of the many Magic the Gathering free sourcebooks that Wizards of the Coast has put out for Dungeons & Dragons!
  • Overlight — This game looks fantastic! It's the roleplaying game of kaleidoscopic journeys!
  • Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook — If you're looking to play some Pathfinder, this is the core rulebook you'll need!
  • Tunnels & Trolls — T&T Japan Adventures was one of the more obscure Free RPG Day samples we got!
  • Unknown Armies — Unknown Armies is a mysterious, supernatural and dark setting that rivals the World of Darkness!