Carie - The Legend

Co-Host of On A Roll

Carie Varner is an artist, a mother, a drinker of much Pepsi and on occasion, funny.

She graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (who needs to eat?). Her artwork is available to view and purchase on her Facebook page.

Carie was known as AMC Mike when she helped co-host the film-centered radio show and podcast Lights Camera Cleveland.

Her first gaming book was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness, and she's played everything from World of Darkness to Earthdawn, and even some game with THACO. She's LARPed in three different networked organizations, holding organizational positions in two. She's also helped playtest LARPs, including Shadow Run (the costumes were so cool!). Carie is currently the head storyteller for River Valley Rage, a Vampire LARP in Tennessee.

MUD/MUCK/MUSHes have been a big part of her life, too. She's played in many, and the constant typing has improved her grammar, her typing speed and to a lesser degree, her speling. She's role-played in Hogsmeade, on a 5th World in a different universe, in classic books and in completely newly-crafted universes. She's ran several as well, including a high school for super heroes and a small Appalachian town during World War II set in the Supernatural universe.

Carie - The Legend has hosted 104 Episodes.